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Choose AMAZING HEALTH shows you the 14 musts to achieving amazing health NOW!

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Take control of your life every day!

Choose Amazing Health E-Book

Take it with you anywhere! Amazing health happens from choosing correctly in these 14 areas consistently every day. The E-Book version gives you that added encouragement and support to accomplish your goals!

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Choose Amazing Health Paperback

Choose AMAZING HEALTH helps those who really want better health (but have tried everything!) to understand the 14 choices that must be made for the best results so they can choose amazing health now.

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"I recommend this book as a must read for you, particularly if you have been wondering why you have not sustained the amazing health that you have always wanted."

Raymond Aaron
New York Times Bestselling Author

"This is the best foundation everyone should have to improve their health. The core values are exactly the same we use at Academy Epic and with every client."

Angie Ates
Founder of Academy Epic

"We have seen a lot of books on natural health over the years, and Choose AMAZING HEALTH is absolutely a must read."

Julie Coombs
Director of American Naturopathic Medical Association

"Choose AMAZING HEALTH summarizes the key principles about natural health in a fun an easy to read format."

Carol Tonkin
RN Nutritional Cleansing Coach

Choose Amazing Life Planner

Everything you need in one place to have an amazing month! Take control of your life by taking this with you everywhere! Flexibility to fit in backpacks, briefcases, or even purses! The spine allows easy viewing on the shelf for month and year. Available in several colors through Amazon.

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"It is so much fun creating my life before it happens! Every day my entire focus is on what is truly important because I have set up my days based on MY goals, instead of someone else’s. "

Award Winning Author of Heights of Hooping

"My productivity has skyrocketed! Everything is all in one place, in balance, and under control. I am now excited for each day because I know it is all preplanned to achieve the things that bring me the most joy!"


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