My Amazing Life Planner

Take control of your life every day!


Paperback on Amazon

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Hardcover/Ring bound

The more deluxe version for those who want something extra special!

How to use the PAL

Free video training to master the step by step process to make the most of your PAL!

"It is so much fun creating my life before it happens! Every day my entire focus is on what is truly important because I have set up my days based on MY goals, instead of someone else’s. "

Hope - Award Winning Author of Heights of Hooping

"My productivity has skyrocketed! Everything is all in one place, in balance, and under control. I am now excited for each day because I know it is all preplanned to achieve the things that bring me the most joy!"



Everything you need in one place to have an amazing month! Take control of your life by taking this with you everywhere! Flexibility to fit in backpacks, briefcases, or even purses! The spine allows easy viewing on the shelf for month and year. Available in several colors through Amazon.


The same amazing planner in hardback! The paperback version is excellent, but there is something about a hardback book that adds a special touch to make it even more amazing. And these look awesome stacked side by side on the shelf as a tribute to your amazing life.

Ring bound

The same amazing planner in a ring bound edition! This is great for those who love to flip, fold, and turn their PAL in all kinds of directions! Still flexible enough to take with you anywhere.

How to use the PAL

FREE video on how to make the most of every page of your PAL. After several months of refining the process with our test group, these are the best tips to ensure that the My Amazing Life planner is utilized to it’s full potential.